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  • ​-Q:What kind of hardware do your cabinets use?

    -A:All our cabinet styles feature soft close doors along with soft close drawers with full extension. The hardware support from our long term cooperator KAV (from German), Uni-Hopper (from Poland). And the other brand hardware could be offered. 

  • ​-Q:What kind of shelves will my project get?

     -A:2-3 matching finished plywood adjustable shelves on wall cabinets and the base cabinets have a single shelf. The shelves are full depth, a few options available in half depth, such as the blind corner cabinet.

  • ​-Q:Do my project need a finished panel for the exposed cabinet ends?

    -A:Yes, all the project need the fillers and finish panels to decorate the exposed ends. And the material and surface is matched with the door and drawer fronts. 

  • ​-Q:What are the type of drawers you provide?

    -A:FRAMED - 4-sided drawer boxes constructed from 5/8" thick solid hardwood using dovetail joints and a fully supported, 3/8" thick plywood bottom. All styles come standard with full extension soft close drawer slides. Whole parts covered with clear finish. The material could be solid hardwood or plywood.

    FRAMELESS  the same structure as framed cabinet drawer box, and could be used as the 5-sided drawer boxes constructed from 5/8” thick plywood or particle board using screw and dowel joints. Full extension soft close slides are included. Finish could be match with the body surface.

  • ​-Q:What is the material used in your cabinets?

    -A:FRAMED - Our Framed cabinets, the doors, frames and drawers are constructed from solid hardwoods. The cabinet boxes and shelves use furniture grade plywood.

    FRAMELESS - Our Frameless cabinet boxes are constructed of plywood, MDF board or particle board. Modern slab doors and decorative panels are constructed of various other products that may include plywood, particle board or MDF, but are of the good quality and finishes.

  • ​-Q:What assembly method will my project get?

    -A:FRAMED - Plastic lock and Dowel assembly. The ceiling panel and bottom panel are captured by dado joints that could be glued for extra strength. And we do a framed panel back parts to make structure better than the traditional ones.

    FRAMELESS – Three ways for choose, cam lock and dowel joinery, screw and dowel joinery, whole body dado with glue.

  • ​-Q:How is the interior of the cabinet finished?

    -A:FRAMED - Our cabinet boxes comes standard with lightly paint coated natural finished interiors.

    FRAMELESS  Interior of the cabinet finish is matched with the outside surface.

  • -Q:What forms of payment do you accept?

    -A: We accept T/T payment form. 30% before after order placed, and the balance need be clear before shipping.

  • ​-Q:Do you offer credit terms?

    -A:We currently do not offer any sort of credit terms to our customers. All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping.

  • ​-Q:What are your cabinet depths?

    -A:Base cabinets are 24" deep. Vanity cabinets are 21” deep. Wall cabinets are 12" deep with a few options available in 24” deep, such as refrigerator cabinet.